Favorite Things of Last Week (9/18/2016)


Right now chillin on a Sunday watching Comedy Day in San Francisco’s soon-to-be Robin Williams Meadow from the comfort of Youtube. It’s what it always is: decent to spectacular comedians, battling the elements and the displacement of sound, for the honor of slightway bombing over a 5 hours. It’s spectacular. The real show is behind the stage, but there’s no livestream of that. Catch up with the festivities here. And now, words.

I met DJ Real at work. Like, work work. It was in my first months at the job and first months moonlighting as a comic. He invited me to a show at Dark Room and I became one of his biggest fan and tireless supporters. One of the perks of working with, doing shows, becoming friends and being a fan of somebody as cool and gracious as DJ Real, who will now be referred to as Nick, his given name (because referring to a friend by a pseudonym over and over is tedious and weird), is previews and demos and sneak peaks will drop in your inbox from time to time. Such as “They’ll All Say ‘Yes’”, Nick’s  forthcoming DJ Real (did it again) release. It’s fire. Perfect successor to “Personal Growth”, 8 years and many ideas in the making. I can’t wait for you to hear it. It drops on the 9/21

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